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Monday, December 9, 2013

Wedding Inspiration | Exits

While we pride ourselves on being one of the more laid-back venues in the area we do have a few things that we are sticklers about.....one of them being sparklers. We have had so many issues  with them in the past that we no longer allow them on our property, as do many other venues. Because of this we are often asked what other options there are. A quick search on Pinterest can create a flood of fun ideas!

Bubble Favors | Blowing Bubbles | Bubble Exit

Bells & Ribbons | Shake 'em | Ribbon Dancers
Kazoo Favor | B&G Kazoo | Gold Kazoo

Tambourine Programs | Blanket of Tambourines
Tambourine Favor
 Careful! Occasionally guests will get into these early and take them onto the dancefloor!!

Glow SticksAll that Glows | Glowing Exit


Water Soluble Confetti | Confetti Exit
 We just love the idea of custom kazoos and other festive noise makers! What exits are you and your groom considering for your big day?

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