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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bespoke Bride | Devyn

Today is the start of one of our new series, Bespoke Bride, where we will feature an upcoming bride who is currently planning the look and feel of her wedding day. First up is Devyn!

Devyn and her groom, Kyle, snagged one of the most sought after dates for 2014...12.13.14! Devyn and Kyle are one of those rare couples who aren't afraid to wed in the cooler months and because of their careers in racing, December was the perfect time! During this time of year we have the ability to offer a discounted rate on BOTH of our venues allowing clients to hold their ceremony and cocktail hour indoors at one venue site and the reception at the other. Although outdoor ceremonies are most common on our property, the indoor soirees can be some of the most romantic and unique!

We had a few questions about what Devyn is planning to wow her guests........

Why did you choose The Arbors Events to host your wedding day?

We chose The Arbors Events because it's an intimate space with a lot of character. We love the wood and stone, open feel, and all the little details that make The Arbors Events special.
Was there a particular vendor (aside from The Arbors Events) that you had to have?
We had to have Crystal Stokes of Crystal Stokes Photography - she was the first vendor we booked.

This was the image from Crystal Stokes Photography that won Devyn over!
What are some of your design inspirations for your wedding day?

I've always wanted a balance between masculine and feminine. Pinterest has been a great resource! I want it to be romantic and rustic at the same time.

Are there any planning aspects that you are hung up on that you might need advice on?

Surprisingly, décor is what I'm caught up in most right now. I don't have a great visual on what our decorations should be for the reception site. Or when we should be renting things, what we should be renting, what we should buy, etc.

**Devyn hired our planning and coordination staff to assist her with her wedding plans. Of course we stepped in right away after hearing this! We were able to come up with some inspiration on what Devyn was envisioning.

Glittering Florals | Mercury Glass | Floral Lantern
Vintage Crate | Naked Cake | Chair Swag
Gold Flatware | Golden Calligraphy

What do you think will be the best part of your wedding day? What are you most looking forward to?

This may be cliché but seeing Kyle for the first time on our wedding day will be the best moment for me. I'm looking forward to being surrounded by the people who love us the most to celebrate our wedding.  And being married!

We are so looking forward to seeing Devyn and Kyle tie the knot on our farm!

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