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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pantone Color of the Year 2014 | Radiant Orchid Inspiration

Recently Pantone, the authority on color, named Radiant Orchid it's color of the year for 2014. This rich hue can be used in a number of different ways involving wedding décor and today we thought we would provide a little color palette inspiration combining this winning pigment and a few other of our favorites.

Ombre Ceremony | Ombre Layer Cake
Ombre Bridesmaids | Ombre Centerpiece Florals
Charcoal Gown | Invitation Suite | Radiant Orchid Bouts
Cocktail Napkins | Orchid Place Setting | Tablescape
Floral Cluster | Peony Cake
Groom Attire | Ceremony | Bridal Bouquet
We think Radiant Orchid pairs well with the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013, Emerald, too!

Escort Cards | Orchid & Green Centerpiece | Mix of Cake Pops
Head Table | Orchid & Green Invitation
We hope you like our color mash ups! Will you be using Radiant Orchid in your wedding color scheme?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Bygone Bride | Mrs. Hertzler

This past October we were lucky enough to host the nuptials of one of the sweetest and loving couples, Sarah and Brian. Their weekend stay at our Main Site was filled with family fun, feminine décor, and drinks all around! Sarah chose to keep her reception setup simple and classically ladylike by requesting florals of pink and white from Bella Grace Floral. She had Visions Catering provide linens of burlap and lace to tie in the rustic feel of our venue and bring everything together. And we would be doing Sarah and her many family members who contributed to her dessert table a disfavor if we did not mention how amazingly scrumptious they were! Every dessert you could ever imagine was offered including inherited recipes passed down for generations. You could absolutely taste the love in every bite! All of these details were gracefully captured by Taken by Sarah Photography. Check out all of the day's lovely images below.....







 Congratulations to the Mr. & Mrs! We so enjoyed being a part of your best day ever!

Caterer | Visions Catering
Florist | Bella Grace Floral 
Vintage Rentals | Mason Dixon Rentals
Day-Of Coordination | Brandy Childs, The Arbors Events
Officiant | Jim Lytle

Monday, December 9, 2013

Wedding Inspiration | Exits

While we pride ourselves on being one of the more laid-back venues in the area we do have a few things that we are sticklers about.....one of them being sparklers. We have had so many issues  with them in the past that we no longer allow them on our property, as do many other venues. Because of this we are often asked what other options there are. A quick search on Pinterest can create a flood of fun ideas!

Bubble Favors | Blowing Bubbles | Bubble Exit

Bells & Ribbons | Shake 'em | Ribbon Dancers
Kazoo Favor | B&G Kazoo | Gold Kazoo

Tambourine Programs | Blanket of Tambourines
Tambourine Favor
 Careful! Occasionally guests will get into these early and take them onto the dancefloor!!

Glow SticksAll that Glows | Glowing Exit


Water Soluble Confetti | Confetti Exit
 We just love the idea of custom kazoos and other festive noise makers! What exits are you and your groom considering for your big day?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Partners in Wedded Bliss | Skip Erdman Events

Earlier this week we brought you our new series, Bygone Bride and Bespoke Bride, and today our last to share is one where we will help our brides learn a little more about some of our Preferred Vendors or as we like to refer to them, Partners in Wedded Bliss! One of our favorite people to work with is Skip Erdman of Skip Erdman Events. Skip is not only a talented videographer but an all around, salt of the earth, good guy! He has a heart of gold and puts so much of that heart into his work. We recently quizzed Skip on how he got his start in the wedding industry and why he chose it.

How did you get into wedding videography?

All my adult life, since college, I've had the privilege of traveling with many well-known recording artists.  This situation allowed for me to work side-by-side with companies producing music videos for artists you would recognize today.  My last professional music video shoot took place with country music artists Brooks & Dunn in Dallas, TX for their song "Put A Girl In It".  Once I found the love of my life, who is now my wife - Stephanie, I had to make a choice.  Live the life of a Gypsy soul like I was or stop touring and move closer to Stephanie.  I chose love over life on the road!  After living that kind of life, what work can you find outside of that world?  I tried insurance sales with two companies and found myself not meeting the goals set for me by those over me.  Leaving those jobs by forced resignation, I was searching for something more.  While being home with my fiancé at the time was nice, it wasn't paying the bills.  Then a kind of strange and perfectly timed thing happened; I met NASCAR driver Robby Gordon at Concord Regional Airport as I was there watching planes take off and land pondering what life would bring me next.  We had been introduced years earlier while traveling with a band and he remembered me.  After asking me what I was doing currently, he basically hired me on the spot just before taking off for a test in Nashville.  So then I was on the road again and set to marry Stephanie a short time after starting with this new endeavor.  This lasted a couple years and to save my marriage to Stephanie, I had to stop traveling again!  I left racing and went to work in sales again but, in a different industry...HVAC.  Being let go after 3 months, left me and Stephanie to really search out our next move.  We believe in prayer and prayed that The Lord would provide for us.  Through other friends in the wedding industry encouraging me to get into Wedding Videography, a lot of prayer, a ton of research as to what I felt I would need to start, and about 3 months later.....Skip Erdman Events was born.

Why weddings?

I think I have some sort of issue with loving stressful situations...LOL...JK!!!  In all seriousness, a wedding to me is such a sacred event.  It carries with it problems and solutions with commitment and encouragement.  The problem is there are two imperfect people coming together as one with a solution to lean on each other and The Lord (hopefully) to see them through the daily grind of life.  Committing their life to encourage one another and put the other above themselves is a selfless and honorable act of commitment.  I love learning about each couple and many become good friends of ours afterwards.  To film a wedding is to provide a way for the couple, their friends and family to relive this amazing clash of nature.  It's a happy time!  Film can do what pictures can't!  In a time of forgetfulness, routine, and the same ole stuff...if you have your wedding filmed, you can always look back in time to see and hear what you and your significant other committed to each other on that day before the witness of your friends and family.  A film brings emotions and thoughts back to you unlike any other aspect of a wedding investment.  I like to give that kind of awesomeness to others!!!

What is your favorite part about shooting Arbor's brides?

Knowing that the backdrop of filming there will be as amazing as the bride herself. There is nothing worse than having an ugly place to ruin your footage of a bride at her best.  I don't worry about that at The Arbors!  Everywhere you look is a beautiful landscape waiting for a camera and bride to take advantage of.  The opportunities of creating an epic video are endless!!!

What type of videography style would you consider your work to be?

More movie-like or cinematic!  However, each couple presents their own uniqueness and I like to match their style more than pushing mine.  This is why it's so important to work with a videographer that really takes the time to get to know their couples.

What price range do your packages fall into? 

This is always tough to disclose, because people invest in things they want, like, and trust.  I'd rather meet with the couple and get to understand each other a little before proceeding into any financial obligations.  This allows us both to get to know one another and decide if we're a fit for each other or not.  My pricing is based upon an "a la carte" system allowing any couple to purchase only what they want or need.  Pricing starts at $1,050.

Skip recently helped us out with a new commercial for our property that will begin to air next week. We are excited to reach more potential brides this way and are so grateful to Skip for his amazing work! You can be one of the first to see it by clicking here!

If you are on the fence about hiring a videographer check out Skip before ruling it out. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bespoke Bride | Devyn

Today is the start of one of our new series, Bespoke Bride, where we will feature an upcoming bride who is currently planning the look and feel of her wedding day. First up is Devyn!

Devyn and her groom, Kyle, snagged one of the most sought after dates for 2014...12.13.14! Devyn and Kyle are one of those rare couples who aren't afraid to wed in the cooler months and because of their careers in racing, December was the perfect time! During this time of year we have the ability to offer a discounted rate on BOTH of our venues allowing clients to hold their ceremony and cocktail hour indoors at one venue site and the reception at the other. Although outdoor ceremonies are most common on our property, the indoor soirees can be some of the most romantic and unique!

We had a few questions about what Devyn is planning to wow her guests........

Why did you choose The Arbors Events to host your wedding day?

We chose The Arbors Events because it's an intimate space with a lot of character. We love the wood and stone, open feel, and all the little details that make The Arbors Events special.
Was there a particular vendor (aside from The Arbors Events) that you had to have?
We had to have Crystal Stokes of Crystal Stokes Photography - she was the first vendor we booked.

This was the image from Crystal Stokes Photography that won Devyn over!
What are some of your design inspirations for your wedding day?

I've always wanted a balance between masculine and feminine. Pinterest has been a great resource! I want it to be romantic and rustic at the same time.

Are there any planning aspects that you are hung up on that you might need advice on?

Surprisingly, décor is what I'm caught up in most right now. I don't have a great visual on what our decorations should be for the reception site. Or when we should be renting things, what we should be renting, what we should buy, etc.

**Devyn hired our planning and coordination staff to assist her with her wedding plans. Of course we stepped in right away after hearing this! We were able to come up with some inspiration on what Devyn was envisioning.

Glittering Florals | Mercury Glass | Floral Lantern
Vintage Crate | Naked Cake | Chair Swag
Gold Flatware | Golden Calligraphy

What do you think will be the best part of your wedding day? What are you most looking forward to?

This may be cliché but seeing Kyle for the first time on our wedding day will be the best moment for me. I'm looking forward to being surrounded by the people who love us the most to celebrate our wedding.  And being married!

We are so looking forward to seeing Devyn and Kyle tie the knot on our farm!