"A Place Where Nature Creates an Everlasting Union"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Historical Beech Tree

The property has some history that dates back to the early 1900's when a dirt road that used to take travelers from Statesville to Salisbury ran along the back of the farm. This was the original Highway 70. Along this route, you will find the old elevated road bed that now has trees growing on it that are over 100' tall. Remnants of the old bridge that used to cross Third Creek are still visable and are now in the shadow of the new and modern Highway 70 bridge. Tucked away in the woods beside the house, you will find an enormous Beech Tree that is hundreds of years old. This is just one of the natural wonders that you will find on the farm. The Beech tree sits in a very intimate area along a spring fed stream. "Love Birds" that used to travel along the old dirt road would stop at this ancient land mark and carve their names into the smooth bark to proclaim their love for each other. The Beech Tree will hold these memories indefinately in its bark for future lovers who are able to find and view the tree. We will preserve this tree and the area around it so that visitors of our farm will be able to enjoy it for years to come. We would love to show you this and the many other natural treasures at The Arbors. Please call Brian to schedule an appointment to visit at 704-363-0440, http://www.thearborsevents.com/

Winter Wonderland

Although the farm isn't currently open in the winter months, there are definitely some great photo opportunities after a good snowfall. 8" in late January........Enjoy!

Stream Restoration Project 2-1-2010

Bridge Over Troubled Water

We received 8" of snow on January 28th that was followed by 3" of rain on February 1st. Both of our ponds were out of their banks. The video footage below represents the aftermath. We decided that a stream restoration project was in order. The bridge was constructed by Brian at pergola pros (http://pergolapros.net), they did a fantastic job. Over 50 tons of boulders were brought in to line the stream bottom. There are now five waterfalls that will create the most soothing sound as you and your guests enjoy the property. From the lower lawn ceremony site, the bridge crosses over the stream into a 4 acre field of wild flowers.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everyone Talks About The Sunsets

In the beginning............

The Nursery began in 2003 with several thousand ornamental, shade and evergreen trees planted on the property. Today you will find that these trees have matured and create the ultimate setting for your outdoor function. The property is the only working Tree Farm in the area that is available as an outdoor location for weddings and corporate events. Photographers love our farm because it is easy to find hundreds of photo opportunities in one location.

Depending on the season, there is always something of interest to be found within the trees on the property. In the spring, you will find hundreds of Cherry trees in bloom. Bluebirds are actively building their nests in the boxes scattered around the farm. In early summer, the Crape Myrtles begin to bloom and will hold their color into mid to late fall. When fall begins, the three varieties of Red Maples will explode with color until the first hard freeze. .

Winter brings a peaceful and relaxing feeling to the farm, especially when everything is covered in a blanket of snow.
No matter what season it is, you will find the nursery to be an amazing location to entertain your guests. Please call us or email us today to come out for a tour of the property.

Brian Moerman

Monday, February 15, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere!

The farm is surrounded by water which creates a safe haven for wildlife. The farm has 4 acres of ponds that are spring fed and are always full. There are two streams on the property which are located within close proximity of the house and entertaining areas. The lower half of the property borders Third Creek which is a 20' wide river that flows along the back of the property.

We have enhanced the beauty of the streams by creating waterfalls and building bridges so that our guests can enjoy the mesmerizing sounds that come from these water features. The streams create the perfect background music for any function or ceremony. The two ponds are both stocked with fish and hold Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Bluegill, Shell Cracker and Painted Turtles. You will find many types of birds that use the water on the property for shelter and feeding; Great Blue Herron, Osprey, Hawks, Wood Ducks, Mallards, Canadian Geese, Egrits, King Fishers to name a few.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Property is an operating tree farm which consists of 112 rolling acres with 4 acres of stocked ponds, thousands of trees, exquisite landscaping, several acres of wildflowers, a stream with waterfalls, outdoor entertaining areas, fire pits, an outdoor fireplace, a large dock, perennial gardens, four ceremony sites and hundreds of photo opportunities. Please continue reading on to see what The Arbors Events can offer you and your guests for your outdoor event.

The Arbors is located just 45 minutes from Charlotte, NC and 15 minutes from Mooresville, NC. The property is a 112 acre tree farm that is available for weddings, parties and corporate events. Ideal for groups of 50 to 350, the farm offers a picturesque setting for all occasions. Amenities include a custom stone and cedar shake home, four acres of ponds, a large dock, huge outdoor living areas with a fireplace and two fire pits. The photo opportunities are endless with flowering trees, amazing perennial gardens, exquisite landscaping and several acres of wildflowers in bloom throughout the year. Please call Brian for more information at 704-363-0440.